The following coupon codes are currently available and can be applied at checkout.


If you do not meet the criteria for one of the below coupons, do not attempt to use it. Any registrations using a code they do not qualify for will be voided and your money refunded.


If you are a current HWA Member, you can find your discount code behind the Members Only wall at That link is here:

If you are registered for StokerCon 2021, but are not a current HWA member, you also qualify for this discount. The coupon code has been emailed to you.

These coupon codes are updated periodically, so make certain you're using the most recent code. If you have any trouble finding your code, please write [email protected]

MULTI-COURSE DISCOUNT - If you register for 4 courses, you are eligible for a 20% discount. When using this code, you may still need to register for each course separately. As long as you show registered for 4 courses in total, you will be eligible for the discount and won't need to worry about your registrations being voided.

The current multi-course discount code is:


If you are a current HWA Member or StokerCon 2021 registrant, you are eligible for a larger multi-course discount. That discount code was emailed to StokerCon registrants, and can be found behind the Members Only wall at here:

If you have any questions about the above codes, or encounter any issues, please write [email protected]