Building Your Author Roadmap

Many writers can clearly articulate their career goals (published author, movie deal, adoring fans!), but when it comes time to explain *how* they’ll achieve these goals, the picture becomes a little less clear. Like any profession, the most successful authors are the ones with a clear vision and a roadmap to back it up. Today’s writers are fighting an uphill battle and the number of competencies we’re expected to master is overwhelming: social media, brand, self-publishing, pitching agents, KDP Direct, craft, workshops, conventions, book fairs, the list goes on. Join author, coach, and project manager J.B. Kish as he leads an interactive workshop that will help you cut through the industry noise, clearly identify your goals, and articulate the exact steps that will help you achieve them using techniques of project management.

FEBRUARY 26, 2024, 8 P.M. ET

About the Instructor

J.B. Kish is a weird fiction and horror author that helps emerging writers design a strategy to reach their goals. He has been writing for the last fifteen years. In that time, he has published short fiction for publications like Cosmic Horror Monthly and Unsettling Reads. Most recently, his work was featured in the Best of ’22 issue of Metaphorosis Magazine.

Additionally, he is a project manager in the tech industry and has shaped his author workshops based on 8+ years of helping clients reach their goals. When he’s not writing, he facilitates workshops for people looking to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. Learn more at or follow him on Twitter @johnboykish.