Writing a Killer Series

May 31, Friday, 3 P.M. PT

Whether you’re writing a series of novels, a series of connected short stories, or an ongoing comic book, it’s vastly different than writing a single tale. This workshop will deconstruct the process of building a successful series. We’ll cover crafting short and long character arcs; plotting a kick-off novel and then building it into a franchise; tricks for developing backstory that enhances each installment without requiring previous reading by fans; keeping a series fresh; reinvention and expansion; world building for a series; and much more. 

Instructor: Jonathan Maberrry

NY Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry is the author of many series including The Joe Ledger thrillers, Rot & Ruin, Dead of Night, NecroTek, The Sleepers War, Kagen the Damned, the Nightsiders, the Sam Hunter casefiles, the Monk Addison casefiles, Bewilderness, V-Wars, the Pine Deep Trilogy, the John Henry Gallo novels, as well as comic book runs on Black Panther, Captain America, Avengers, Wolverine, Marvel Zombies, and Punisher. He is the author of 50 novels, 160 short stories, 27 graphic novels; as well as the editor of 26 anthologies and of Weird Tales Magazine.