Marketing 101: Selling and Extending The Life of Your Work

Attendees will observe through case study and analysis the importance of extending the life of their work in the marketplace and beyond. They will also be presented a variety of avenues to explore as part of their own writing journey. They will also learn basic strategies in getting comfortable speaking to interviewers, websites, magazines, news outlets and more. Attendees will study the basics of a pitch to news outlets, reviewers, etc, and are encouraged to at the very least begin writing one of their own.

About the Instructor

Robert P. Ottone is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of THE TRIANGLE. His other works include HER INFERNAL NAME & OTHER NIGHTMARES (an honorable mention in THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR VOLUME 13) as well as the suburban folk horror novel, THE VILE THING WE CREATED. His short stories have appeared in various anthologies as well as online. He’s also the publisher and owner of Spooky House Press. He has three master's degrees in education, experience conducting professional development workshops, and experience extending the life of one's work beyond the standard three-month lifespan of a novel. He can be found online at or on Twitter/IG: @RobertOttone He delights in the creepy and views bagels solely as a cream cheese delivery device.